What makes Basilius Travel so incredible is that it is a fundamentally different kind of travel paradigm. Basilius Travel offers a experiences based on You. Each tour is catered specifically and solely to you and your needs, wishes, and requests.  More than simply sightseeing and your typical guided travel tour, You are our first priority. Our goal is to support you in finding your voice and vision while traveling! What’s extra?


Become a better photographer (included in your price)

Images are worth a thousand words, and you’re your photographs tell a story that last forever. Your guide is a professional photographer, trained at the prestigious Photo Academy (Fotoacademie) in Amsterdam. Read at the photography section that this coaching is not only about ‘how to take a nice picture....’ but of course also about your personal programming! 

Whether you are new to photography or semi-professional, Basilius’ knowledge and instruction will inspire you to take photographs of a lifetime.

Learn more about symbolism (included in your price)

A second reason working with photo or image coaching is that Images are strong ‘messengers’ from your unconsiousness. The photo’s you take, images you choose, symbols you prefer could be telling a lot of what is giving or taking energy to you. Understanding this ‘inner view’ could help you understanding your inner voices and make you more aware of synchronicity.

Learn more about wining (included in your price)

Do you love wine? With Basilius Travel, you can enjoy visiting and touring local wineries, experiencing the best of wine tastings, as well as learning about wines, pricing, collecting and most importantly, discovering your own favorite grapes or regions! Your guide is an experienced wine collector with a vast knowledge of the best, out of the way places to taste and/or buy wines (included in your price related to tours in wine regions). Interested? Read more in the Wine Tasting section.

Enjoy (spiritual) freedom by personally requested extra services

Enjoy true freedom as you travel, from life as you know it: whether you are traveling individually or in a small group. We listen; your voice and vision in planning of the trip matters to us. Basilius Travel will take care of all the details, so you don’t need to do anything except show up with a sense of adventure and curiousity. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Enjoy having your own customised extra services! Your needs come first! Whether you want healthy green drinks, a liquor or genever tasting, a special photoshoot during the trip, like eg. an art portrait shoot with studio equipment.  Extra information about spiritual coaching, an early morning or late night meditation on magic spots, just sitting, speaking about things important for you with your coach? Just let us know and you will experience the traveling in your exclusive and personally tuned way!


Incredible destinations, Outer and Inner Travels

Our travels are designed for having an exclusive personal

experience, enjoyment and generating personal insights by:

  1. *traveling to beautiful destinations with amazing history

  2. *staying in unbelievable accommodations to nourish your body and soul

  3. *eating the best food possible, to inspire and renew the body and senses

  4. *guidance with special knowledge of history and the (spiritual) secrets of each place we visit

Included Added Value Services

Besides this exclusive traveling we provide added value

services. Each of which makes BasiliusTravel tours an incredible special and unforgettable experience and very exclusive as you won’t  find it anywhere else!

Following services are all included! (tuned to your request)

  1. * personal life coaching & meditation guidance

  2. * photo/symbolism coaching

  3. * photography coaching

  4. * guided wine tastings

  5. * additional services upon request

Important to say: it is you deciding what your travel will be alike. We customise our services with high value services around your wishes! That is exactly our added value compared to other travels.

You want an accent on sightseeing an winetasting? Accent on symbolism or coaching or intensive photography coaching? Just name it, as we want to tune this travel on your preferences!

Just feel how this way of traveling can be an unforgettable nourishing and revitalising experience!

In the section below you can read more in detail about our travel services.  We are convinced our travel services guarantee a personally on your most private wishes tuned and unforgettable travelling.



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1017TR Amsterdam, Netherlands

An exclusive and special concept of traveling

This way of traveling is new and special! An article about our beautiful initiative published in Los Angeles Times! (09/12/13)

From november 2013 we provide a new service: Business Identity Travel Event. See our new Business section. (10/7/13)                        



        Catalyst for new awareness

BASB Amsterdam


Visit awesome places of special interest (included in your price)

At Basilius Travel tours you will visit places with incredibly rich history, each of which carries its own mysteries and secret symbols. At Basilius Travel, we will help you develop an eye towards learning how to recognize and understand sacred symbols found in everyday places. From ancient Celtic and Freemasonry symbols to Eastern influences, we will help you begin to see and understand them. From of Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb and observatory to Bali’s magical water temples, we will guide you towards sacred places where you can experience the power of the place firsthand.

Learn the amazing ‘secret’ stories (included in your price)

Your Dutch guide Basilius, fluent in five languages (Dutch, German, English, French, Indonesian), has a deep knowledge and understanding of the history of each the places you will visit. He will shed new light and insight on the meaning behind the places, castles, churches and temples you will visit. His knowledge extends beyond primary facts to lesser known, more ‘secret’ awareness of place, complete with historic and local tales, mythology, stories about inhabitants, free masonry, and more.

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Be Coached (included in your price)

Traveling is a perfect time for reenergizing and reengaging with the world and yourself, and your life purpose. Your guide is a licensed life and spiritual coach who offers individual sessions based on his own revolutionary spiritual coaching concept, a technique he honed and have been time tested with corporations and individuals. Imagine feeling nourished and spiritually renewed after a week

This coaching method (see Life Coaching section of this website) combines a modern Western way of thinking/coaching with Eastern philosophy and practices. You will be coached and instructed so as to learn the essentials of a ‘self-coaching’ method that you can utilize the rest of your life!

New Awareness

Basilius Travel believes that travel is a powerful catalyst for new awareness. Our hope is to facilitate your own innate spiritual insight and awareness through a once in a lifetime, meaningful adventure. If you are looking for a change in the way that you experience the world, your life, and yourself, or just want to have a lot of fun, then we invite you to this call to adventure!

Please feel free to contact us with further questions. Our hope is to make your travels truly incredible.

Welcome to our BasiliusTravel website! We offer special guided exclusive outer and inner traveling in a way you will not find anywhere else!

We believe that traveling is a perfect catalist for re energizing and re engaging with yourself and the world. We will guide you visiting amazing places and include a series of revolutionary services to make your travel joyfull and unforgettable special.

You can travel exclusive individual, safely as single or in a small group (two to three people).

Please feel invited to read what makes BasiliusTravel so different from just traveling with a guide or a group!

We also offer a “business identity travel event’ for your business (management) teams.

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