1. (1)Amsterdam - Loire Valley -

       Paris tour (C/P/W*)

*) C/P/W: Combined with Coaching/Photography/Wining possible)

Fri (day 1) : Amsterdam arrival

Your guide will be at the airport (or trainstation) and you will enjoy your transfer to your hotel of choice or the one we booked for you. (See Planning and Pricing).

Unpacked and revived from traveling we start with the travel-briefing, checking if there is need for additional arrangements for the rest of the week and shortly discussing the total planning and your personal goals.

Depending on your arrival time there will be time for our first spiritual city walk, visiting some places of interest in the ancient centre of Amsterdam.

Sat (day 2) : Dutch cities experience

Amsterdam and Paris, isn’t that a wonderfull city destination combination? Magic cities with great history! Heard about the ‘Amsterdam Light’? Or the ‘stille omgang’ pelgrimage? About the centuries of battle between church and civil organisations resulting in huge buildings? Architect Jacob van Campen building this city palace with classical (!) architecture next the “new church”. Paintings were made about the battle what building would be the biggest, resulting in never existed realities? And Paris, with Notre Dame tales, secret graves and Eiffels buildings (also resulting in liberty statue NYC).

We combine these incredible interesting cities with a Loire valley visit where the magic goes on! Kings and castles and great spiritual history can be found there! You are about to discover a lot ‘behind the scenes’! 

This day we will be combining city walks and visits to spiritual places. Included combinations could be:

  1. *visiting Amsterdam places / musea (like van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Secret roof church museum or Stedelijk Museum)

  2. *first life coaching meeting or photo coaching session

  3. *3 city visit: Utrecht, Delft, Den Haag visiting several secret/spiritual historical spots.

  4. *genever tastings in Amsterdam / old (red light) district walks and talks.

Specially added (non inclusive) requests are possible of course! (like night canal dinner boating, dutch beach dinner etc.).

We drive by car up to Loire Valley. It is an 8 hour drive via Paris to Saumur France, city of the legendary Cadre Noir (Military Horse Training), so prepare to see stables and beautiful classical barracks.

Depending on (fellow) traveler preferences the roadtrip is excellent for discussing coachings theme’s and life experiences, historical facts about the region and secret stories about knights, free masonry connections, and universal spiritual principles, depicted in buildings we are going to see on the tour.

Your hotel is a castle hotel very near to Saumur. The place for exploring excellent sparkling Saumur wines!

After our night or early morning coaching moments, we will be driving up to Chinon doing wine tastings and castle visits. A day full of history, stories and tasting!

We probably will end this nice day in the beautiful city Chinon. You knew Jeane D’arc was visiting the French king here in the past?

It is incredibly interesting knowing loire valley history as ‘the Valois’ royal family had their palaces and favorite places here. Catharina de Medici raised her children here and was painting pentagons at the castle floors while asking in ceremonies for how many years her children would reign.

It is intriguing that Nostradamus and her personal fortune tellers predicted very good how long (or short) her sons would be kings, preparing her on difficult times in this beautiful region.

Castles would be built and restored in renaissance Italian or just real French styles.  We will visit them and see very interesting details. In between tasting good wines (in those time preferred over the bordeaux cabernet sauvignon wines!) at wineries.

Sun (day 3): A’dam/Loire Valley drive

Mon (day 4): Loire Valley experience

The beautiful Chinon castle at the background makes a perfect terras seat eating local cheeses, meats and the best wines possible! Also in the night this old city is really magic for walks and talks!

After having breakfast with lots of home made confiture and fresh croissants we will be visiting some of Loire valley’s nicest and reknown places like Amboise, Chenonceau and Chambord.

You will hear stories about Leonardo da Vinci (grave at Amboise, but also a star observatory centre!). famous noblemen lived in castles here and royal maitresses creating beautiful gardens (like Diane de Poitiers). Here, the algerian spiritual  nobleman Abd Al-Quadir was emprisoned by the king and released by Napoleon himself! One year later joining the free masonry loge!  

Today we have again some time for coaching and personal talks as we are buying some French products and/or do some winetasting or more morning  castle visits.

Then we will have a 3 hour drive to Paris where we will do a city walk!  After dining we will have a beautiful romantic night walk in the city of Paris with great spiritual stories and you have a short briefing about specially planned self reflection time for the next day.

Depending on your preferences you have a full day of visiting museums (like Louvre) and places in Paris and travel back to Amsterdam this night or next morning by fast train Thalys.

Traveling back by train is very relaxing and quick way of traveling back to Holland. During this trip

you have time for some inner reflections using the now learned coaching technique. You will be  using a special designed IVC questionaire and your travel journal, while staring outside to vanishing landscapes.

Today will be your last full day of coaching and sightseeing of this tour. Seeing more Amsterdam highlights and evaluating your results together with your guide. Depending on your travel schedule, extra activities can be planned and you will have your airport transfer and say goodbye!

Tue (day 5): Loire Valley experience

Wed (day 6) : Loire Valley - Paris

Thu (day 7) : Paris highlights - A’dam

Fri (day 8) : Amsterdam

Flexibility tuned to you!

We do as we say! We tune this trip to your personal wishes! So if you prefer starting another day instead of friday, no problem. If you prefer to drive two more days to the famous wine counties of Sencerre and/or visit the cathedral of Veselay no problem eather!

That is the difference of traveling BasiliusTravel and another travel tour. We are convinced that we can make your travel itinerary tuned to your idea’s and wishes. Just name them on your contact form!

Interested after reading this itinerary? Contact us now and enjoy soon these beautiful sights!

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